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07 Mar
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Build collaboration amongst disability organizations

AZSILC is building a coaliton of individuals and organizations to collaborate on common issues, including education, community advocacy, and increasing awareness of disability policy and legislation.



Provide organizational support for a coalition focused on education, community advocacy and increasing awareness of disability policy and legislation in Arizona

Without adequate supports, youth in transition who have disabilities are more likely than their peers who do not have disabilities to experience the following:

  • live in poverty and be dependent on public assistance.
  • have chronic health problems, and lack comprehensive health insurance.
  • be unemployed or underemployed.
  • be dependent on family members for housing and finances.


This is how the Arizona Youth Leadership Forum helps!

In the past, the educational and career planning process for youth who have disabilities often did not reflect the values of personal choice and self-determination. Rather, many youth who have disabilities were relegated to passive roles in their own planning process. This often resulted in very few options being recommended or offered; options that reflected the low expectations of advisors; options that featured perceived needs for protection and support; and options driven primarily by community availability rather than by self-determination.


History of the Youth Leadership Forum

In 1992, California implemented a Leadership Development program for high school students who have disabilities.

The Office of Disability Employment Policy set a goal for states to replicate the California program, and today over 30 states host a Youth Leadership Forum.

In Arizona, we held the first Youth Leadership Forum in 2014. Today, over 100 students have graduated from the forum!